From SoundCloud Obscurity to Rap-Rockstar: Post Malone

It’s hard to believe that Post Malone was once an unknown artist struggling to make a name for himself. However, only a handful of musicians can boast the kind of meteoric rise to fame as Malone. He went from posting his songs on SoundCloud to working with the top artists in the industry almost overnight.

Musical artist Post Malone attends The Stronach Group Chalet
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At just 27 years old, Malone is one of the most well-known rappers/singers. His songs frequently top the charts, but there is more to his life than his music. From mental health struggles to welcoming a baby girl, this is everything you need to know about Post Malone.

What Is Post Malone’s Real Name?

Post Malone, aka Austin Richard Post, was born on July 4, 1995, in Syracuse, New York. His parents, Richard Post and Nicole Frazier, separated when Malone was a child, and he spent most of his life living with his father and stepmother, Jodi. He initially lived with his mom before moving to Texas.

Austin Richard Post known by his stage name Post Malone
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At nine years old, Malone and his father and stepmother moved to Grapevine, Texas, because his dad took a job as the manager of concessions for the Dallas Cowboys. Life was much different in Texas, but Malone quickly adjusted and found a passion for music when he learned to play the guitar.

Early Exposure to Music

From a young age, Malone was exposed to various genres of music because his fad was a DJ in his youth. Richard would play hip-hop, country, and rock for Malone. However, Malone credits the video game Guitar Hero for his initial interest in learning to play the guitar.

Post Malone performs during Lollapalooza 2018
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Malone worked hard on his guitar skills, which became more important to him than his schoolwork. While studying at Grapevine High School, Malone started writing songs and making music, but he wasn’t interested in taking his classes seriously. Still, he got average grades and graduated high school in 2013.

How Did Post Malone Get His Name?

When he was 14 or 15, Malone chose his stage name, Post Malone. Many thought it was a reference to the basketball player Karl Malone, but he explained “Post” was his last name, and he used a “rap name generator” to get “Malone.” By the time he was 16, Malone had used the name to release his first mixtape.

Post Malone behind the scenes
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Malone made his first mixtape, Young and After Them Riches, using the audio editor Audacity. He played it for his friends, who voted him “Most Likely to Become Famous.” However, until he graduated, Malone worked at Chicken Express. He was a fairly normal teenager.

A Big Change

After graduating high school, Malone briefly enrolled at Tarrant County College but decided to drop out and move to LA. His friend Jason Probst, a professional game streamer, encouraged Malone to move with him, and the decision changed his life. In LA, Malone quickly connected with producers and other artists.

Post Malone poses backstage at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards
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Along with Probst, Malone and other producers and artists formed the group BLCKVRD. The group started recording music together, and some shared a house in the San Fernando Valley. Through this group, Malone met Rex Kudo, who produced several tracks for him and became a huge part of his success.

It Started With “White Iverson”

After meeting Kudo and the production team FKi, Malone began recording music to post to his SoundCloud account. His music was good, but the song that made him a star was “White Iverson.” Malone wrote the track referencing Basketball Hall Famer Allen Iverson in 2015.

Post Malone poses in the press room during the 2018 American Music Awards
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Two days after writing the song, Malone recorded the track, and Kudo produced it. They posted “White Iverson” to his SoundCloud in February 2015, but it only blew up after Malone released the music video in July 2015, catching the attention of popular artists.

Getting a Record Deal

Within a month of posting the “White Iverson” music video, it hit one million views. Malone quickly caught the attention of big record labels and signed a recording contract with Republic Records in August 2015. He had just turned 20, and his career was taking off quickly.

Post Malone performs onstage during the 2019 American Music Awards
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The same month Malone was invited to perform at Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday party, where he met Kanye West. The two later collaborated on the song “Fade” for Kanye’s album The Life of Pablo. In the meantime, Malone started working on his first studio album.

Destined for Stardom

In May 2016, Malone released his first mixtape after being signed, called August 26. It was followed by the December release of his first studio album, Stoney. Everyone knew Malone would be the next big thing because Stoney was certified double platinum by October 2017.

Post Malone performs onstage during day 3 at Rolling Loud Miami
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It seemed like Malone had become a success overnight. Suddenly everyone was listening to “White Iverson” and his other singles. In September 2017, Malone released the first single from his second album, “ Rockstar,” featuring 21 Savage. The song was number one on the Hot 100 for eight weeks.

He Didn’t Like It

His first studio album, Stoney, might have been a success, but Malone called it “Mediocre.” In August 2016, he apologized for the delayed album, but fans were still excited to hear his new music. Despite the popularity of singles like “Congratulations,” “I Fall Apart,” and “Déjà vu,” he wasn’t happy with it.

Post Malone and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith
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Malone later reflected on the making of his first album. He said he pushed it back because there were many growing pains. Malone explained to Paper magazine that he had no idea what he was doing and ended up not liking the outcome.

Friends in High Places

It didn’t take long for Malone to go from an unknown artist to the most talked-about newcomer. The rapper formed a friendship with Justin Bieber around the time he released his first mixtape, and the Canadian singer invited Malone to open for his Purpose World Tour.

Post Malone and Justin Bieber
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It was helpful to have famous friends in the industry who could further Malone’s career. In June 2016, Malone also made his television debut by performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Everyone was surprised by his unique look, but no one denied his talent.

He Received Pushback

Towards the beginning of his career, Malone received a lot of criticism for being a white artist in hip-hop. Many people didn’t want to see him succeed and tried to end his career. However, Malone said his music could speak for itself, and his race didn’t matter.

Post Malone performs live on the Main Stage
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Malone understood that not everyone would like him because he was a white guy with cornrows, a mouth full of gold teeth, and working with some of the top names in hip-hop. He also faced pushback for blurring the genre lines by mixing hip-hop with other sounds.

Showing a Different Side

Around 2017, Malone befriended YouTube legend Ethan Klein of H3H3 Productions. The two instantly hit it off, and Malone agreed to be featured in some of Klein’s videos. Although it was just for fun, making videos with Klein was great for Malone because it showed fans a different side of him.

Post Malone poses backstage at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards
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Klein’s videos showed Malone’s off-stage antics, something audience members don’t get to see. Their hangouts proved that Malone was a down-to-earth guy who liked the simple things, like funneling Budweiser beer in a good ol’ beer funnel.

Breaking Records

Within two years of signing with Republic Records, Malone released his second studio album, Beerbongs & Bentleys, in April 2018. The album broke the first-day streaming record on Spotify after it was streamed over 78.7 million times. Malone became the one to watch.

Post Malone
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His second album earned him four Grammy nominations, and most were impressed with Malone’s quick success. He also broke Michael Jackson’s 34-year record for the most weeks on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. Stoney was on the charts for 77 weeks compared to Thriller’s 76-week streak.

Overnight Success

Some say there is no such thing as “overnight success,” but it appeared that Malone had proved that thought wrong. His rise to the top was quick like he “came out of nowhere.” His success troubled the big names in hip-hop.

Post Malone performs onstage
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Malone’s “overnight success” was questioned because he was a white guy with braids “profiting off an industry built on the black American experience.” Regardless of how some felt, Malone’s music took off on streaming platforms and surpassed some hip-hop legends who didn’t want him to succeed.

Always Tired

Although overnight success sounds incredible, it comes with many negative aspects. Between recording music, touring, and working, Malone said he didn’t get much sleep and didn’t take care of himself. He loved being able to share his music, but it was an exhausting job.

Post Malone
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Because Malone is a big fan of tattoos, he thought it was fitting to have the words “always tired” tattooed under his eyes in 2018. He said it was how he felt but added that it was the most painful inking. Malone has plenty of face tattoos and other inkings covering his body.

Music Inspiration

One of Malone’s biggest music influences in Bob Dylan because Dylan was one of the first artists to blend different genres. Malone said Dylan’s music was “about as far away from rock n’ roll as you could get.” Malone’s music has also been described as a blend of various styles.

Post Malone performs at the Sahara Tent
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Malone added Kurt Cobain, Johnny Cash, and 50 Cent to his list of musical influences. He has blended their styles, and the New York Times described Malone’s music as a blend of “singing and rapping, and hip-hop and spooky electric folk.” Malone says he is “genre-less.”

Getting Back to Work

In 2019, Malone released his third album called Hollywood’s Bleeding. The album earned him an Album of the Year nomination at the Grammys. The album succeeded, and Malone started touring to promote his new music. However, the pandemic cut his tour short.

Post Malone accepts the Favorite Album
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As the world shut down, Malone kept working on a fourth album. He also performed a virtual concert, covering Nirvana songs to raise money for the WHO’s COVID relief fund. Malone’s performance was praised by the surviving members of Nirvana. He also raised $5 million.

He Struggled With His Mental Health

In a 2020 interview with GQ, Malone opened up about his mental health. He said he would cry himself to sleep every night in middle school for no particular reason. His mental health struggles were exacerbated when he became famous, but he thought effective treatment would ruin his music.

Post Malone attends the 2019 GQ Men of the Year
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However, Malone knows the risks of not seeking help for his mental health. Many of his friends and peers in the industry died from overdoses, and he didn’t want to turn out like them. Instead, he sought treatment for his mental health but isn’t very open about it.

Many Collaborations

Malone worked on several collaborations during the pandemic while writing his fourth album. He was featured on Tyla Yaweh’s “Tommy Lee,” and DJ Khaled’s “I Did It” with DaBaby, Megan Thee Stallion, and Lil Baby. It was a busy time for him, but he also lacked motivation.

Post Malone (R) attends the 2019 American Music Awards
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Although he had been writing and recording the album, not being able to tour gave him less incentive to make as much music. Despite his lack of motivation, Malone announced his fourth album, Twelve Carat Toothache, would be released in June 2022.

His Shortest Album

Malone’s fourth studio album might be his shortest, with only 14 songs, but he was excited for everyone to hear it. He admitted that he lost his passion for music for a while because it felt like a chore. The album was also different because Malone used fewer producers and guest artists.

ost Malone performs on stage
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Malone told Sean Evans on Hot Ones that Twelve Carat Toothache made him feel like he was “in a cocoon, and now I’m a beautiful butterfly.” He described this period as his “metamorphosis.” The album, released on June 3, 2022, was his favorite piece of work so far.

A More Secluded Life

Malone has always kept his personal life fairly private, but he took it to another level when he moved to a seven-acre compound in Utah. Like many other celebrities, Malone wanted a more secluded life. It makes sense, considering how famous he is.

Post Malone
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After his home was robbed in 2018, Malone wanted to live somewhere outside LA. He wanted more privacy, so he purchased his Utah home in 2020. He liked the $3 million home because he could “survive the apocalypse in it.” Malone has always been interested in the apocalypse.

The Freedom of Utah

The outdoors and privacy of Utah were appealing to Malone, but what really sold him was the state’s gun laws. As an avid shooter and gun collector, Malone found there was more freedom to continue his passion in Utah. He could easily purchase new additions to his collection.

Post Malone performs on Day 3 of Outside Lands Music And Arts Festival
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Malone told Rolling Stone, “It’s a free country out there. Like, you can buy suppressors in Utah. You can do open-carry. Walk into the grocery store with a handgun on your hip. Cowboy sh*t.” Malone fell in love with Utah after performing a show in the area.

A Close Call

Malone has worried his fans before with unusual behavior. However, in 2018, his fans were worried for a different reason. In August of that year, Malone boarded a flight from Teterboro Airport to London. Shortly after takeoff, the tires blew out, and they had to make an emergency landing.

Post Malone performs at the 2022 Something in the Water
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The plane was diverted to land in Massachusetts, then rerouted to New York. The plane needed to fly back and forth to burn more fuel and create a safer landing. Malone tweeted to his fans to inform them that he was safe and thank them for their prayers.

Welcoming His Daughter

It was a good thing Malone survived because he welcomed a baby girl with his unknown girlfriend four years later. He had been in a relationship with Ashlen Diaz for three years, but after the two broke up in November 2018, Malone kept his next relationship a secret.

Post Malone and Ashlen Diaz

In June 2022, the rapper told Howard Stern that he had become a dad in May 2022. He said it so casually, but no one even knew he was in a relationship or planned to have children. He hasn’t revealed his daughter’s name, but he said he loved being a father.

Secret Fiance

Most of Malone’s personal life is a secret because he doesn’t share much about his life outside of music. He has kept his latest relationship a secret, but during the interview with Howard Stern in June 2022, Malone revealed he proposed to his girlfriend.

Post Malone
Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Coachella

Not much is known about Malone’s fiancé because she is not in the public eye. Her age and name remain a mystery, and Malone plans to keep it that way to protect her privacy. No one knows how long they have dated, but Malone said he is the happiest he has ever been.

Struggling With Alcoholism

Most people know Malone loves to drink because he is often seen with a Budweiser in hand. However, he recently revealed his struggle with alcoholism, saying it reached a “terrible point” before he did something about it. However, he is not sober now.

Post Malone
Photo by Matthew Baker/Getty Images

Malone told Howard Stern he couldn’t get off the floor for weeks, but this period inspired his latest album. Although he still drinks, the artist said his fiancé helped him take control of his drinking habits and saved his life. He had other positive influences, but he only listened to her.

Launching a Wine Brand

Although Malone admitted to dealing with alcoholism, he has made money promoting alcohol. In May 2020, he launched a line of French rose wine called Maison No 9, named after his favorite tarot card, the Nine of Swords. The wine sold out within two days of launching.

Post Malone holding his Masion No 9 wine

Vivino, the sales platform where Malone’s wine was sold, said the site crashed on the morning of the pre-sale due to such high traffic. He quickly sold 50,000 bottles, but fans didn’t have to worry because the site restocked after a few months.

Bud Light Partner

Besides his wine line, Malone was also a Bud Light Partner since 2018. He started as part of their “find the best friendships” campaign and headlined the Bud Light Dive bar tour. Malone also created a special clothing line with the alcohol brand.

Post Malone
Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for Bud Light

In 2020, he once again partnered with the brand for a Super Bowl commercial to promote their new seltzers. They filmed the commercial in a secret location, and it was kept under wraps to prevent any spoilers. Malone likes working with the brand because he loves their products.

He Loves Conspiracy Theories

It might seem bizarre, but Malone is open about being a conspiracy theorist. He believes JFK was killed by the government and has thought through several doomsday scenarios. Regardless of how strange it sounds, Malone truly believes in these things.

Post Malone performs
Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images

The artist also told Sean Evans on Hot Ones that he thought he saw an alien outside his home in Utah. Malone explained that he had cameras outside his home, and they saw an orb on the video that looked like an alien. He truly believes aliens exist.

A Collection of Swords

It’s safe to say that Malone is a little “out there.” He has interesting hobbies and thoughts, including his love of collecting swords. He is obsessed with swords and got one tattooed on his face. During an interview with Tim Westwood, Malone mentioned his sword collection, which he started as a teen.

Post Malone
Photo by Morgan Lieberman/FilmMagic

Malone explained that he thought swords were cool, so he started collecting ones he liked. He also dropped $1,200 on a real suit of armor. He said, “I put it on, and I looked f**cking cool.” With all his money, Malone can buy whatever sword he wants.

He Loves Gaming

The singer has loved video games his whole life, and Guitar Hero was the reason he started learning how to play a real guitar. Malone still plays video games and realizes how important music is in the gaming world. He told Sean Evans that some music could make a game more stressful.

Post Malone
Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Fanatics

Malone said he sometimes turns off the music in certain games because it makes it hard to concentrate. He added that some of the best music comes from video games, including the Zelda theme song and the Elder Scrolls soundtrack.

Expensive Taste in Shoes

Some say Malone sometimes dresses like a homeless person, but he has expensive taste in shoes. In addition to his sword collection, the singer also collects expensive shoes. He owns several pairs of designer loafers, including a $1,700 pair from Christian Louboutin.

Post Malone, fashion detail
Photo by David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Malone admitted that he saved up all his money from his job at Chicken Express to buy an $800 pair of Versace loafers as a teen. Many people might not like his personal style, but the guy knows how to spot a fashionable pair of shoes. We would love to see his closet.

How Much Is Post Malone Worth?

As of 2022, Malone is worth a whopping $45 million. The 27-year-old musician earned $60 million between 2019 and 2020 on album and tour sales alone. Most of his money comes from touring because he plays sold-out shows for thousands of people, who also buy his merchandise.

Rapper Post Malone
Photo by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images

In addition to his tour earnings, Malone has also made millions from endorsement deals with companies like Budweiser. He took home a large paycheck for the Super Bowl ad and earned a pretty penny from his rose line. Malone works hard to be that wealthy at just 27.

How Many Tattoos Does Post Malone Have?

Malone is covered in tattoos, and for now, he has 79 inkings. His first tattoo was the playboy bunny symbol, and he quickly added more to his face, neck, and arms. Malone said he got the face tattoos to annoy his mom because he would do “anyone to piss his mom off.”

Post Malone performs on stage
Photo by C Brandon/Redferns

Malone said he has the “face for radio,” so getting tattoos made him feel less insecure. He had many inkings of famous people who have passed away, including Kurt Cobain and Bob Dylan. Malone also got a portrait of his late friend, Lil Peep, on his left arm.

A Few Regrets

With almost 80 tattoos, it’s no surprise that Malone has some regrets about his body art. He has barbed wire inked along his hairline, and he said he might regret it if he ever goes bald. Malone also didn’t intend to get the face on Marshmello’s helmet tattooed under his eye.

Post Malone
Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for Universal Music

Malone said, “I was going to do a smiley face, but I was like, ‘what if he had X’s for his eyes.’ And then I looked in the mirror, and it’s f**king Marshello’s helmet on my face.” Maybe he will have more tattoo regrets later in life.

Does He Smell?

Based on his interesting sense of style, some people believed Malone smelled. However, those people never met him in person and only assumed he smelled bad. He may dress a little strange, but Malone cleared up the rumors, tweeting, “I don’t smell bad.”

Post Malone
Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Malone added, “Just because I don’t have a frat boy haircut and I don’t wear what y’all like, doesn’t mean I stink.” There were rumors that he didn’t shower, but Malone probably smells like cologne. Just because he doesn’t look squeaky clean doesn’t mean he smells.

How Tall Is Post Malone?

People are always surprised to find out Malone is 6’2” or 188 cm. He towers over most people, which most don’t expect when they see him on TV or in a music video. We wonder why people expect Malone to be shorter than he actually is.

Daniel Ricciardo and Post Malone
Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images

During an interview with GQ, the writer described Malone as “taller and more imposing than people might expect.” He is such a chill person, so people might think he is smaller. Malone also appears taller because he occasionally wears cowboy boots, which give him an extra inch or two.

On-Stage Injury

In September 2022, Malone injured his ribs during a concert when he fell into a hole on stage. The following month, he hurt himself again after rolling his ankle in another stage hole. Despite the injury, Malone finished his show and got medical help after.

Post Malone performs onstage
Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage

Malone told the audience the holes on the stage were where the fire came out. He said he twisted his ankle in one of them, and “if my dance moves aren’t 100 percent, you have to forgive me tonight.” He figured out how to avoid the holes in future shows.

Helping With a Gender Reveal

Artists have done some wild things on stage, but not many can say they helped with a gender reveal mid-concert. In October 2022, Malone was performing in Tulsa, Oklahoma, when a fan handed him an envelope stuck to a poster. Inside the envelope was the gender of his fan’s baby.

Savage and Post Malone
Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Coachella

Malone excitedly opened the envelope on stage and told the couple they were having a girl. He looked excited to be part of the special moment, and his fans would never forget that moment. He and his fan have something in common because they are both girl dads.

Some Expensive Bling

As we said earlier, Malone has expensive taste in shoes and jewelry. The artists recently dropped $500,000 on a flashy new pinky ring. He added a 23-carat diamond ring to his already impressive jewelry collection. For that much money, he better love it.

Post Malone performs
Photo by Erika Goldring/WireImage

Malone looked elated in a video where he showed off his new ring. He is no stranger to expensive jewelry and once bought a $250,000 Dallas Cowboys chain. Malone purchased the necklace in 2019 while performing at the Dallas Cowboys stadium.

He Had Hecklers

After learning more about Malone, he seems like a good guy who doesn’t deserve hate. However, that hasn’t stopped people from bothering him in public. The singer is currently on tour to promote his latest album, and while he signed autographs for fans after a show, someone heckled him.

Post Malone performs
Photo by Michael Stewart/WireImage

Malone was minding his business and talking to fans when someone yelled, “Post Malone! You are a b**ch.” The artists looked in their direction, and they added, “You suck.” Malone looked sad and replied, “That’s rude.” What did Malone ever do to that person?

Officiating a Wedding

Just when we thought a mid-concert gender reveal was wild, Malone topped that. He officiated a fan’s wedding in the middle of his concert. The artist is going all out for fans these days, and he married two of his fans during his Seattle show.

Post Malone and Billie Eilish
Photo by Kevin Mazur/AMA2019/Getty Images for dcp

The crowd cheered as the couple exchanged “I dos,” and Malone declared them married in “the eyes of space.” That’s not the typical saying, but the newlyweds didn’t seem to care. Imagine telling people that Post Malone married you during his concert.