Fleetwood Mac: The Album ‘Rumours’ And the Rumors Surrounding Them

Fleetwood Mac is a very famous name, and we all know their song ‘Landslide.’ But did you know that it wasn’t popular until years later? The band had its ups and downs and went through many different members. They put a lot of thought into each one of their albums, not just a title or a cover, but how the music flowed, and which songs complete it. This group eats and breathes drama, and their album ‘Rumours’ is no exception.


Photo by Fotos International / Shutterstock

‘Rumours’ is an unhappy love story with a very happy ending. There was so much emotion put into the album, and it turned out to be a diamond of the lavish late seventies rock scene. So much so that the RIAA certified the album. To this date, more than 45 million copies have been sold worldwide, and it is one of the highest-selling albums of all time.

Here are forty mini-stories about Fleetwood Mac, their music, love, and drama.