A Long, Strange Trip: The Grateful Dead’s Psychedelic Journey to Fame

The Grateful Dead were one of the biggest jam bands of our time. While they never quite reached the same level of fame as the Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin, it never really mattered. Their devoted Deadhead fans kept the band on the road, and the band’s iconic skull and lightning bolt logo will forever be remembered by rock ‘n’ roll fans.


Photo by Everett Collection, Shutterstock / Bob Minkin, mediapunch, Shutterstock

The obscure band found its way into fans’ hearts with their funky jam sessions, and a sense of community felt at every performance. But while the Grateful Dead were one of the most beloved live-touring acts in the world, they were also plagued by a series of ill-fated incidences, controversies, and tragic deaths. So buckle up, we’re taking a trip back to a time when hippies roamed the land…