49 Hit Songs That Everyone Likes Apart from the Artists Who Sang Them

You might assume that all artists must have a special place in their hearts for songs that were massive hits; after all, they did great business for them. But that’s not always the case; sometimes artists regret letting a specific song become their identity, and sometimes they just personally don’t rate the song as much as the audience.  I guess they sometimes have strained relationships with the songs that appear to define them.

The majority of the time, artists throw together a small song or a bit of poetry for a laugh in a few heated moments, only to find that their audiences won’t leave until they play it in full. ISn’t that odd, sometimes these pop artists want nothing but to get rid of these songs while they are making them millions of dollars! Here are various artists who highly disliked a key song in their repertoire. We hope you enjoy!

1. Walk This Way by Aerosmith and Run-DMC

Joe Perry and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith had reservations regarding the song during its recording. They didn’t agree with this amalgamation of hip-hop with rock and roll. Even though the song ended up being a huge hit, Aerosmith never really considered it their favorite. Joey Kramer once exclaimed that he doesn’t really like the song but respects what it signifies.


Source: hollywoodreporter.com

Did you know that up until today, Aerosmith still happens to be one of the best-selling rock bands from America of all time! The band managed to sell way more than 70 million albums in America! If you’d like to know what their worldwide success is, well, that pretty number jumps up to a whopping 160 million! Impressed? I am!