5 Best Disney Songs of All Time

Disney movies have been holding a place in children’s hearts for generations. Some children remember the movies for their colorful scenes and creative illustrations, others latch on and get inspired to the storylines of the characters themselves, and other children fall head over heels with Disney’s iconic soundtracks, and these are no pop music soundtracks. Disney songs are written and conducted by some of the best songwriters in the world. These songs show our youth that music can be cool, fun, and just as exciting as everything else they love in life. We have gathered our top five Disney songs based on how we feel they should be ordered? Tell us what you think and if we missed anything.

“I’ll Make a Man Out of You”

Number five on our list is one of the first Disney songs that challenged gender stereotypes and contributed to the empowerment of many young girls of the 90s. Mulan is a story about a young girl in China whose father was too ill to serve in the military after being called on to serve by the Chinese emperor against the approaching Hun invaders.


Source: screencrush.com

Mulan disguises herself as a boy so that she can save her father from fighting, and ends up proving to the men that women are stronger faster and better than they could have ever thought.