40 Vinyl Records You Might Own That Could Be Worth Thousands

Before the days of digital files and music streaming services, vinyl records were the best way for music fans to enjoy their favorite songs and albums from the comfort of their own homes, and many people have old record collections gathering dust in the attic nowadays, while many young collectors are taking an interest in the hobby too. When talking about the best vinyl records, one must be careful to distinguish the “vinyl” aspect from simply the best albums list.


Source: rollingstone.com

Well, believe it or not, some of those dusty records you bought many years ago might be worth way more than you think! Some of the rarest records have actually sold for six-figure sums, while others routinely fetch thousands of dollars from fervent collectors. If you absolutely love these musicians, enjoy a laugh while reading some of the craziest stories about these historical legends! Let’s take a look at the most valuable vinyl’s out there today.